Alchemical Font

Alchemical symbols were used by alchemists before the 18th century to denote elements and compounds. Here we have made a font that consists of those symbols. They include: four basic elements, namely, earth, water, air, fire; seven planetary metals, namely, gold, silver, copper, iron, mercury, zin and lead as well as symbols alchemists used to indicate time. Alchemical Symbols Here we have created a font that consists of alchemical symbols. By using the following tool, you will be able to generate various alchemical symbols easily. Below is the character chart for your reference. For example, when you type letter “A”, you will get alchemical symbol for Copper ore. ! Quintessence > Iron Ore-2 \[ Arsenic x Ashes “ Air ? Crocus of Iron \\ Realgar y Pot Ashes # Fire @ Regulus of Iron \] Realgar-2 z Brick $ Earth A Copper Ore ^ Auripigment { Powdered Brick % Water B Iron-copper Ore \_ Bismuth Ore | Amalgam & Aquafortis C Sublimate of Copper ` Tartar } Stratum Super Staratum ‘ Aqua Regia D Crocus of Copper a Tartar-2 ~ Stratum Super Staratum-2 ( Aqua Regia-2 E Crocus of Copper-2 b Quick Lime À Sublimation ) Aqua Vitae F Copper Antimoniate c Borax Á Precipitate \* Aqua Vitae-2 G Salt of Copper Antimoniate d Borax-2 Â Distill + Vinegar H Sublimate of Salt of Copper e Borax-3 Ã Dissolve , Vinegar-2 I Verdigris f Alum Ä Dissolve-2 \_ Vinegar-3 J Tin Ore g Oil Å Purify . Sulfur K Lead Ore h Spirit Æ Putrefaction / Philosophers Sulfur L Antimony Ore i Tincture Ç Crucible 0 Black Sulfur M Sublimate of Antimony j Gum È Crucible-2 1 Mercury Sublimate N Salt of Antimony k Wax É Crucible-3 2 Mercury Sublimate-2 O Sublimate of Salt of Antimony l Powder Ê Crucible-4 3 Mercury Sublimate-3 P Vinegar of Antimony m Calx Ë Crucible-5 4 Cinnabar Q Regulus of Antimony n Tutty Ì Alembic 5 Salt R Regulus of Antimony-2 o Caput Mortuum Í Bath of Mary 6 Nitre S Regulus p Scepter of Jove Î Bath of Vapours 7 Vitriol T Regulus-2 q Caduceus Ï Retort 8 Vitriol-2 U Regulus-3 r Trident Đ Hour 9 Rock Salt V Regulus-4 s Starred Trident Ñ Night : Rock Salt-2 W Alkali t Lodestone Ò Day-Night ; Gold X Alkali-2 u Soap Ó Month < Silver Y Marcasite v Urine Ô Half Dram = Iron Ore Z Sal-Ammoniac w Horse Dung Õ Half Ounce

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