Astronomical Font

Astronomical symbols are symbols that are used to represent celestial objects like the Sun, planets, asteroids etc in astronomy. The earliest use of astronomical symbols can date back to ancient Greece. Though these symbols were once very popular among astronomers and astrologers, most symbols are now not frequently used. Astronomical Symbols Here we have made a font that consists of various astronomical symbols and you will be able to generate various symbols using the font tool below. The following table is a character chart for the font for your reference. For example, when you input ā€œJā€, you get the symbol for the planet of Mars. Characters Symbols Characters Symbols Sun & Moon A The Sun Asteroids a Pallas B The Sun Ray b Juno C Increscent Moon c Vesta D Full Moon d Astraea E Decrescent Moon e Hebe F New Moon f Iris Planets G Mercury g Flora H Venus h Metis I Earth i Hygeia J Mars j Parthenope K Jupiter k Victoria L Saturn l Egeria M Uranus m Irene N Neptune n Eunomia Zodiac O Aries o Psyche P Taurus p Melpomene Q Gemini q Fortuna R Cancer r Proserpina S Leo s Bellona T Virgo t Amphitrite U Libra u Fides V Scorpius v Chiron W Sagittarius w Lilith X Capricornus DwarfPlanets x Pluto Y Aquarius y Ceres Z Pisces z Eris

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