Social Media Font

Social Media icons can be seen all over the Internet now and they are usually displayed on websites or apps to promote such things as RSS feeds, Facebook fan pages, Twitter profiles etc so as to enhance communications with users. While there are a lot of resources for all kinds of social media icons, it is sometimes difficult to find an ideal icon with the right size or color style for a website or an app. Social Media Icons Here we have made a font that consists of icons of popular social networking websites. By using the tool below, you will be able to generate icons with various colors and sizes. Below is the character chart for your reference. For example, when you type letter F, you get the icon for Facebook. Characters Icons Characters Icons A Amazon a Apple B Bing b Blogger C Photobucket c Flickr D Delicious d Digg E Ebay e Email F Facebook f Friendster G Google g Gowalla H Hives h Heart I Identi i iTunes J Deviant Art j JustinTV K Picassa k Kongregate L l Linkedin M Metacafe m Myspace N Netvibes n Newswine O Orkut o AOL P Pinterest p Paypal Q Quora q ICQ R Reddit r RSS S Skype s Stumbleupon T Tumblr t Twitter U Youtube u Ustream V Vimeo v Viddler W Wikipedia w WordPress X App Store x Xing Y Yahoo y Yelp Z Feedburner z Windows

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