Symbol Font

This symbol font enables you to write your words and messages in symbols rather than normal Latin letters we read and write everyday, which is a little boring, isn’t it? This symbol font consists of symbols from various sources, such as religious symbols, musical symbols, currency symbols, social networking icons etc. Each symbol is carefully selected to make sure that it looks like the corespondent letter. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT? You can use the following tool to write your text in this symbol font. Below is the character chart for your reference. Characters Symbols A Square and Compasses representing Freemasonry B Social networking icon representing Blogger; C Star and crescent representing Islam D Menorah associated with Jewism E Currency symbol representing Euro F Social networking icon representing Facebook G Georgian alphabet for Can H Fleur de lis I Christ the Redeemer J Musical symbol representing quarter note K Chi Rho representing Christ L Sankofa associated with Adinkra M Zodiac sign representing Scorpio N Musical symbol representing beamed notes O Astronomical symbol representing the Sun P Astronomical symbol representing Pluto Q Yin yang symbol R Currency symbol representing Indian Rupee S Currency symbol representing Dollar T Labrys representing lesbian and feminist strength U Hand symbol associated with Jainism V Victory W Chess symbol representing Black Queen X Jumis representing Baltic Pagan God Y Astrology symbol representing Mercury Z Gye Nyame associated with Adinkra , (Comma) The Eye of Horus representing protection, royal power and health in ancient Egypt .(Period) Peace symbol

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