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Mickey Mouse, is a long-running comic book series featuring Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. The series was first published by Dell Comics in the 1940s and 1950s and has been continued by various publishers over the years. The series features a variety of storylines and adventures starring Mickey Mouse, as well as other popular Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

The cover of Mickey Mouse and Friends #296 is shown above, which was published in September 2009. Mickey Mouse appears as the title of the book on the cover in cartoon lettering with all capital letters and a white border around each letter. Since a font for these letters is not available, they were probably hand-lettered. However, there are other widely used commercial fonts that resemble the letters, including Xavier Sans Bold by Jason Castle and Aarde Black by Anton Scholtz. Additionally, there are some free fonts that resemble the letters, like the Mickey font and Mickey Ears font. Mickey Font is available in two versions, the Mickey (hollow letters) and the Minnie (solid letters). The Mickey font (Minnie Version) is arguably the most similar to the original lettering. The other free font is the Mickey Ears font and the main distinction is that each letter is enclosed in a silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head and ears. You can download both the Mickey Font and the Mickey Ears font for free in the Fonts Used Section.

Fonts Used

Xavier Sans Bold
Mickey Mouse Font
Aarde Black
Mickey Mouse Font
Minnie Font
Mickey Mouse Font
Mickey Ears
Mickey Mouse Font

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Mickey Mouse Font
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