List of Font Creation Software

Below is a list of software that will allow you to create and modify a font. Fontlab Studio is a professional font editor for both Windows and Mac OS. It allows you to design typefaces and create or modify fonts and it supports all major outline font formats, including Type1, TrueType, Multiple Master and OpentType. \[$649\] Font Creator is a shareware TrueType font editor for Windows. It has all the features for you to make new fonts, edit existing fonts and you can also use its advanced import features to make your handwriting font or add signatures, logos and symbols to existing fonts. \[$79~299\] TypeTool is a basic font editor for both Windows and Mac OS. It mainly caters to students, hobby typographers and creative professionals who need to create or customize fonts occasionally. It supports a maximum of 55535 glyphs so you can create a font as large as you like. \[$99\] Fontographer is a classic font editor for Windows and Mac OS. With Fontographer, you can create new fonts, customizing existing fonts, fine-tune spacing and kerning, fix bad fonts and convert old fonts to new formats etc. \[$399\] BitFonter is a professional bitmap font editor for both Windows and Mac OS. It allows you to create and modify bitmap fonts and convert between bitmap font formats as well as from and to outline font formats, apply special effects to your outline fonts. \[$499\] Scannahand is an easy-to-use handwriting font maker for Windows. It allows you to make fonts simply with a printer, a scanner and a pen. Making handwriting fonts and signature fonts can’t be easier. \[$59~99\] Glyphs is a font editor for Mac OS. It uses smart and simple approach to help you draw new typefaces, modify existing fonts etc. some special features of Glyphs including the combined text and drawing views, the accent cloud view and the automatic creation of OpenType features. \[$299\] FontStruct is an online font-building tool that lets you create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a grid pattern. Once you’re done building, it will generate high-quality, ready-to-use TrueType fonts. \[Free\]

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